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All tourists should be warned about the inflexibility of Denmarks train ticketing. My wife was fined because the ticket machine at the origination point was broken She intended to stop at the next stop and buy a 2 zone ticket there. Of course the agent realizing she was a tourist honed in on her and asked for a ticket. She was given a 700 kr fine. Seriously ? She was pushing our 15 month old son in a stroller. What should she have done ? Walked to the next station? I'm happy to pay the fine. It is what it is. There is more to the story and I won't print here. I've used metro systems all over the world. Never had this kind of trouble. OK. I know. I'll get the stern comments " you need to research places before you go ". Yeah. I get that. This was an honest mistake. Is there NO flexibility in this system. Why you would target tourists is beyond me. My wife was very upset by this and it's ruined this trip.

Response: I fully understand your frustration and the pblic transportation system needs an overhaul when it comes to customer service. You can dispute this fine or not even pay it. If you are a tourist and not planning on returning to Denmark to live, than just do not pay the fine as a protest. They are VERY unlikely to ever come after you as a tourist. It is shame to have to do that, but they do need to learn to help tourists instead of assuming everyone is out to get a FREE ride.

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Apr 26, 2017
Tickets must have a valid credit card for verification
by: Charlie

When purchasing tickets on many forms of transportation, you might have to show the credit card you used to pay for it. Bus888 is a good example - you can show your reservation on your phone, but they also want to see your credit card that you used to buy it with and it has to be the same card. Irritating when buying tickets for others. If you give them the tickets make sure they also travel with you or have your card.

What can I say - technology sucks a lot of times. I long for the simpler times with klippekort and tickets in hand and not all this suff on phones and tablets or other mobile devices. I still hate the Rejsekort system - it makes travel so much more stressful.

Thank you for your input. Hopefully others will learn from your costly mistake.

FYI Denmark

Apr 26, 2017
by: Anonymous

My wife bought me a train ticket from Copenhagen airport to Kalundborg for me using her credit card. Thus my ticket was not valid becuase I could not produce the purchasing credit card. I work for a UK university and when I am travelling on business they typically purchase the plane and train tickets for me as the uni gets a discount....beware if you are coming to DK using tickets bought this way your train ticket with DSB will not be valid and you risk a hefty fine!
I used to think Denmark was an efficient country, but it has its idiosyncrasies and bureaucrats just like the UK,

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