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Now here are some more Denmark budget tips.

It will be no surprise that, when you visit or move to a new country, there will be lots of new things to learn. Most of the daily things that Danes take for granted can be major obstacles for someone just arriving in Denmark.

On these pages, I will try to help you learn how to do those things, so you can spend more time enjoying your stay. Check back often and see what new and interesting things have been added.

If you are trying to find out about something which is not covered, please let me know and I will endeavor to get that information listed for you.

Better yet, if you have an idea that will help visitors or expats, send it in and it will be included if possible.

Okay, now just browse the topics below and click on the one you wish to view. They are all short and, I hope, informative and helpful. If you discover that something has been updated or changed recently, please let me know so I can update the information.

Other cheap eating options

Denmark Budget Tip #1: The IKEA store in Taastrup is offering 50% off their meatball meals from Tuesday to Thursday between 5 - 8 PM. As low as 19.50 kroner for the 10 meatball special! Good Deal.

The IKEA store in Gentofte (Lyngby area) also offers the 10 kroner breakfast til 11:00am.

Before I leave the IKEA thread - if you live in Denmark, it is worth getting a free family membership card which entitles you to Free Coffee and other discounts on food and merchandise!

Another option for you fans of exercise is Fitness DK. If you are a member of their club, you get free breakfast in the mornings between 6am and 9AM. Not sure what they serve since I am not a member, but was told it was pretty good for the price - FREE!

Denmark Budget Tip #2: Another option is the Bilka Bistro. For those not in the know, Bilka is a large change of grocery/department style store. Most of them have a bistro near the front area and they have good food and the prices are reasonable. Children menu - 10 kroner for most of them. Adult menu - 39 kroner and up. Coffee, soda - 10 kroner per person - free refills.

Denmark Budget Tip #3: If you go to Jensen's Bofhus, it might benefit you to sign up for their newsletter. They will send you special offers. Lately there has been a 2 for 1 offer. Buy one meal, get the second one free. Check out for their offers.

Free Coffee Anyone?

Denmark Budget Tip #4: If you do alot of driving or find yourself going by that same gas station everyday, stop and in and see if they have a coffee special. Places like Texaco and a few other stations have an offer, where if you buy one of their coffee mugs or thermos, you can get free coffee refills for a year.

The offers vary. I have seen some that will cost you 5 kroner per cup/thermos and some are FREE. Just look around and you will see some nice offers.

They also have a lot of good breakfast specials! ummmm pastries

Cheap Shopping

It is not always easy to find places where you can get a bargain, especially in Denmark. But there are places to find good prices and if you are new to Denmark or just looking for some Budget Denmark Tips on shopping, than here are a couple places to check out.

Denmark Budget Tip #5: In England they have the £1 store and America has the Dollar shops. Well Denmark has the 10 kroner shops. The largest chain is probably TIGER and they are found in most major shopping areas. In Copenhagen, there is one right across from the Radhuspladsen and another on the walking street. Same in Arhus, one down at the bottom of the walking street. But there are similiar stores to TIGER.

One of my favorites is Søstrene Grene. At Søstrene Grene, you can lots of good products priced quite reasonably. On a hot summer day, I often drop by to by cold bottled water, since it is the cheapest in town. They have things in all price ranges (but the lowest prices). It well worth stopping by. In Copenhagen they are located across from Hellingåndskirken on the walking street.

Now the above stores are discount stores, so expect that some stuff is quite inferior, but there are also many very good items including household goods, food and stationary.

Major Discount Shopping

Without having to go to huge discount stores like Macro or one of the shopping clubs, there are other options to reduce your shopping bills.

Denmark Budget Tip #6: Grocery Stores The lowest price grocery stores are Netto, Aldi and Lidl. The stores are very basic, no frills, but the prices are low. Another Denmark budget store is Fakta, but even though they advertise low prices, find the other 3 better.

Another good store, better quality, but still low prices is REMA1000 stores.

Denmark Budget Tip #7: Hardware For the longest time I avoided a place, because I thought it was a mail order catalog place. Wish I hadn't because they are a great resource for so many goods. If you live in Denmark, make sure to check out Harold Nyborg for their great selection of household goods including hardware, bicycles, lawn furniture, paint, electrical supplies, garden tools, etc. You can see all their items on the shelves, but you fill out an order and they get the items from the back. It reminds me of the old Sears Catalog type stores or the ARGOS chain in England.

Right up there with Harald Nyborg is another shop called Jem og Fix, which have many of the same type products but it more of a store, where Harald Nyborg is a catalog place.


For the budget conscience visitor in Denmark, there are plenty of things to see and do. You can check out Copenhagen sights for a list of my favorites.

Here are a couple more. Check out Carlsberg Brewery in Valby. This is Denmark's top brewery and if you are a beer lover, you can tour the brewery and than sample a couple glasses of beer for free at the end of your tour. Cost is only 65 kroner for adults, 50 kroner for those 12- 17 and those under 12 can get in for free with an adult. Children can have 2 soft drinks for free.

Considering that a soft drink or beer is usually 20 kroner each, it is a bargain for about 2 hours of fun.

How about some free culture? Did you know that all state run museums have free entry? Yeah, so you can visit The Museum of Danish Resistance, The National Museum, The Open Air Museum and The National Gallery.

Now it is not only the state run museums that offer free entry. How about checking out The David Collection (Davids Samling), Musuem of Archeology and Astronomy (Kroppedal), Customs and Taxes Museum (Toldskat Museet)and The Royal Cast Collection (Den Kongelige Afstøbningssamling. Free entry every day.

If you are museum hunting on a Wednesday, you are in luck, because it is on Wednesday that some of the other museums open their doors for free.

1. Hunting and Forestry Museum ( Jagt og Skovbrugs Museet)

2. Naval Museum (Orlogs Museet)

3. The Hirschsprung Collection ( Hirschsprung Samling)

4. Post Offic Museum ( Post og Tele Museet)

5. Thorvaldsens Museum ( Thorvaldsens Museet)

6. Armory Museum (Tøjhus Museet)

Can not make it on Wednesday, well than maybe on Sunday you can stop by either the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek on Sunday, where admission is FREE.

The Museum of Copenhagen (Københavns Museet) gives free entry on Fridays.

That should give those who love a bit of art and culture some places to peruse without breaking the budget.

Wait, there are more denmark budget tips here.

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