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You can now in Denmark text message stamps via your phone instead of going to the store or post office to buy a stamp.  In 2012, Denmark introduced a new way to purchase your stamps via TEXT MESSAGING!  The denmark text message stamps system is called mobilporto.

Yes, instead of standing in line at the post office and getting stamps, you can now pull out your mobile phone and text a message to Post Danmark.

How does it work. You simply text the word porto to 1900 or download the app from post danmark and you will be sent a number code that you write on the envelope where the stamp is usually attached. It is cancelled at the post office, just like a normal stamp. See the video below for a sample demonstration.  (new video will be posted at later date or check out you tube for more details)

The cost of the stamp is put on your monthly telephone bill. If you are texting you put in the weight of your letter and whether you want to send it with A post of B post. If your letter is says 40g and you want it sent A post (first class), you text 40gA to 1900.  If it is 80g and you want it sent B post (second class) you text 80gB. Simple enough.

If you are using the denmark text message app, you just follow the instructions on the app.

Couple of things to remember:

1. First the code must be used within 7 days.

2. Once purchased it can not be refunded.

3. Code can only be used once. (duh!)

4. Can only get the code on your phone if it is Danish phone and open to premium service. Can also use some Danish prepaid telephone cards like TDC. Others cards may not work.

5. The Denmark text message stamps can be bought up to a weight of 2 kg and only for post sent within Denmark.  Can not send post outside  Denmark or from outside Denmark.

I have used this system several times - both on my home computer and using my phone. But sytems works really well in my opinion, yet again it is all in Danish, so can be a bit confusing the first time doing it.

First time you do this, you will need to send your mobil number to Post Danmark.

First step on the screen is to choose the type stamp that you want to buy. Now send your phone number to post danmark.

You will than receive a  4 digit activation code. This is not a porto code and you will have to reactivate after every 500kr you have spent. This is just for security.

You will now need to choose payment method - a credit card or dankort or you can choose to have it charged to your mobil phone bill.

Once that is done you accept their "betingelse" or rules.

Once you do that you will be asked to confirm the purchase and than a code will be sent to you via SMS.

Once you have done it once, than Denmark text message stamps system is pretty simple. Their have been a few complaints that the phone app does not always work, but it has for me each time. Mostly, I do prefer to do it online without the app.

Still have a beef with the Danish postal system. Now they do not even have post offices open, do not print stamps and yet their prices continue to rise! They say they are losing money. Duh! The reason the post office is losing money is because it costs more to send a letter across town than it does to receive a package from overseas! Hey, Post Danmark - "Lower your prices and more people will use your service". More business -more money!

Well the Denmark text message stamps service is there and people are using it more and more, so guess Denmark text message stamps will be here to stay. Soon the post office will be a virtual online shop and there will be no more post offices in Denmark.

Denmark Text Message Stamps Experience

My first experience with the Denmark text message stamps service and this is what happened.

1. I sent the word porto to 1900.

2. Got a message that read: Du har bestilt portokodetil et A-brev til DK max 50gr. Pris 10 kr.+alm.sms-takst. Svar JA for at bekræfte. Derved bortfalder din fortrydelsesret.

Loosely translated, it is asking if you sent a request to buy a stamp for a standardbreve, which is only good for Denmark and letter weighs less than 50g. Cost is 10kr plus sms fee. Answer Yes (write it as JA) to confirm. Send the text back.

3. Received a code back in just a few seconds. Very quick. SMS read:

Portokode:PDK123456789Skrives på denne måde i brevets øverste højre hjørne.Brevet skal sendes senest XX.XX.XXXX.Mvh. Post Danmark

Again, you will get a code as written. Should be listed on 4 lines. Print clearly. It also tells you the latest date that the code can be used.

4. A few minutes later got a text stating the transaction had gone through and what the bill was. Something like this.

Kvitteringsnr.XXXXXXX (receipt number)

Mobilporto, kr. 10,00 betales via mobilregning. (cost) (this is when they added 2kr extra to the stamp which has been eliminated now)

Leveret af Post Danmark A/S,Tietgensgade 37,1566 Kbh V, tlf 80207030

Dato:XX.XX.XXXX (date of transaction)

Kl.XX:XX (time)

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