Best way to visit Denmark

by Michael


My fiancee and I are from Canada and will be spending our honeymoon in Denmark in June 2015. We are spending 18 nights starting with 7 in Copenhagen (with possible excursions via train to Roskilde and Helsingor), 3 on Bornholm, then 2 in Odense, 4 in Aarhus and then back to Copenhagen for nights before flying home. We will be stopping along the way to visit family and see where my parents grew up in Vejle and Arhus and will possibly stop in to see Ribe, LEGOland, etc. What would be the best, convenient, economical way to do all of this? Train or car?. We don't plan on needing a car while in Copenhagen. Thanks in advance!

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Feb 07, 2015
Visiting Denmark
by: Charlie

Hi Michael,

Not sure if I can give you a definitive best answer to your question. You can use to check on schedules and rates, but here is my assessment.

Regular tickets: per person

Airport to CPH 36.00

CPH – Helsingør 216.00 RT

CPH- Roskilde 192.00 RT

CPH – Bornholm 596.00 RT

CPH – Odense 276.00 OW

Odense – Vejle 146.00

Vejle – Arhus 111.00

Arhus – CPH 382.00

Total 1955.00

This does not include bus/trains in the cities you are visiting. You can check out which has some information on

Various passes you can use. Depending on when you are traveling you may wish to consider an Eurail Pass with 4 or 5 days travel within a month. Use the pass to travel to Roskilde than Odense, Vejle, Aarhus, back to CPH. Than get a city pass when in Cph that would include travel to Helsingør. No way for me to tell you the best way, since don’t know dates and other details. Use rejseplanen to plan your itinerary. You can only use the Voksen single ticket option. The rejsekort wont work since you need a Danish bank account to access it. Your family could maybe get you one and would suggest you talk with them about arranging it for you. Will save you lots of money but it is a complicated system for non-danes. Just a warning – even I hate the system.

Don't know what the car companies are charging for rentals these days, but consider the above information and compare with their daily rates and mileage. Remember from CPH to Odense you will cross the Storbælt Bridge and the fee for that is about 250 kr roundtrip (there are a few discounts but usually that is what you will pay for a small car). You can also take the ferry from Kalundborg to Aarhus with or without the car.

You will see more of the country in a car and have the opportunity to visit many more sites like LEGOLAND, etc. without waiting for buses and trains. Honestly, me I would get a Copenhagen Card when in Copenhagen and it allows you to visit Helsingør and Roskilde. Take the train to Odense, rent a car and drive to Vejle, Billund and Arhus and return car to an Arhus outlet if possible - depends on who you rent from. And take the Bus888 via the ferry back to Copenhagen. That way you get to try a bit of everything and it will save you the most money.

Best of luck,


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