Motivational Books Page 3

Here is page three of our list of motivational books that we have at FYI Denmark for sale. There is only one copy of each book, they are in good used condition. A few are in brand new condition. Price and weight of each book is included. Price of book does not include postage. The weight is there so you can calculate the weight of the books, combine any number of books and you only pay for the total postage. The more you buy, the cheaper the postage. You can also collect in person and there is no postage charges. See a list of postage rates below.  This is a general guide, there are some dimensional restrictions, but generally all the books will fit into this category. If not, I will contact you before excepting the order. Payment can be made with Mobilepay 30307197 or contact me for other arrangements.

0kg to 1kg                  Price kr. 39,-

1kg to 5kg                  Price kr. 49,-

5kg to 10kg                Price kr. 59,-

 10kg to 20kg             Price kr. 99,-

Motivational Books 21-30

Nr. 21

Year:1996     Condition:Good/used      Weight:158g     Pages:310     Price: 50,- kr

Nr. 22

Year:1986  Condition:Good/used  Weight:125g     Pages:220     Price: 50,- kr

Nr. 23

Year:2001  Condition: Very Good  Weight:170g     Pages:308     Price: 50,- kr

Nr. 24

Year:1988  Condition:good, well read  Weight:75g     Pages:114     Price: 50,- kr

Nr. 25

Year:2003 Condition:Good, some writing on a few pages Weight:150g  Pages:86  Price:60,- kr

Book of inspirational quotess that will make you change they way you live your life

Nr. 26

Year:1985  Condition:Good  Weight:110g     Pages:118     Price: 50,- kr

Nr. 27

Year:1988  Condition:Good  Weight:125g     Pages:134     Price: 50,- kr

Nr. 28

Year:1998  Condition:Very Good  Weight:141g     Pages:190     Price: 50,- kr

Nr. 29

Year:1998  Condition:Near New  Weight:250    Pages:196     Price: 80,- kr

Nr. 30

Year:2003  Condition:New New  Weight:95g     Pages:80     Price: 60,- kr

Book of inspirational thoughts that will make you change they way you live your life

Please check out some of the other books we have for sale. There are lots more interesting english language books available through FYI Denmark. All of available books are listed below.  You can also go back the main book page for a complete list of categories to search. Books are being added daily as I try to get everything online as quickly as possible, but be patient and come back and visit and see what is new.

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