by Paul Dourley
(Chennai India)

I am an American with UK citizenship. I am coming to Copenhagen with my wife and 8 year old daughter. My wife has a contract to work in Copenhagen. I have been in school for 2 years online since leaving America 2 years ago. We have been in Chennai India.I will finish my 4 year degree by November 2012 in Environmental Management and Law. I have 30 years experience as a licensed flooring and tile contractor in California. I want to work in the environmental field even if I pick up trash. What are my chances of getting a job ? I do not speak Danish yet (It may take a few years)


Finding work in Denmark is not much better than it is in many other parts of the world. Not speaking Danish is ALWAYS a hinderance, but it is possible to overcome. I could not possibly give you odds on your chances - you will be another of thousands of people searching for work. First you have to get a work permit and that will depend on your wife's job status, but you should be okay to get one since you have UK citizenship (which is part of the EU. The second part of getting a job will depend on your willingness to except work outside your chosen field. Jobs available to foreingers are harder to obtain. Lots of foreigners vying for those jobs along with you.


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Sep 02, 2012
Why a Visa
by: Anonymous

It says on the immigration site that she can come for 3 months with just an American passport. Why does she need a visa?

That is correct, I forgot she was coming from the US. My mistake, she does NOT need a visa since she is only a tourist.


Sep 01, 2012
by: pauldourley

My mother in law is coming to visit us here in Denmark. I realize she can stay up yo 3 months on her American passport. Hoe long does she need to be gone from Denmark before she can come back?How would health insurance work if she is covered by medicare in the states?what if she became ill?

Answer: She will have to have her own insurance to cover any medical problems. She will not be covered by the Danish medical program. This is part of the visa application process. If she wants to return to Denmark she will have to reapply for another visa and sorry but not sure how long she has to wait. Contact the immigration department in Copenhagen and ask them. Do not want to mislead you with incorrect information.

Also be aware that she must be able to show that she can take care of herself financially while staying here (or you have sufficient funds to cover all her expenses) plus money to return home with.

Do NOT assume she will be entitled to ANY benefits or help while in Denmark without paying for them. Immigration laws are constantly being tightened up and any sign of people trying to abuse their visa rights will suffer a ban plus possible fines.

You can read more about visas on the government site, which has up to date visa information.


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