Hi, im Chilean, im studying in Sweden for 6 months, this is my history, i went to Copenhagen to party, i got drunk and i cant remember what happened the rest of the night, when i woke up i had 5 evasion tickets in my pocket. I tried to complain via webpage to pay just one or the correct amount for that travels (i just went around i think, trying to find the correct direction) but the reply was: you have to pay the 5 of them, it is the first time that i am in this situation (I know i was imprudent and stupid), i always pay my travel tickets of course, but now i think that it is really unfare, i was unconscious (5 the same night, obviously i was completely lost and i just wanted to go back to Sweden), the problem is that i have a flight in Copenhagen at the beginning of July to go back to Chile and also i need to use the train that same day to go to Sweden to get my luggage. My question is, it is gonna be a problem? i dont want to have problems at the airport or in the train. Please help me

Greetings and thank you!

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Jun 06, 2016
Life is not a reality show
by: Charlie

fare tickets may not have anything to do with passport or border guards, but SKAT gets involved and takes money out of your paychecks, so if SKAT is involved it can easily become a problem for anyone returning to Denmark. SKAT may put some of notice on people who are registered in the CPR system.

And why do you automatically jump to this being racism. This is about someone getting so drunk they can not even remember what they did. I can not have empathy for people who do not take responsibility for their actions. Distortion festival or not. if you want to pass out drunk do it at home not on the train! Life is not a reality show.


Jun 06, 2016
fight the case
by: distortion sucks

In my opinion you can at least buy time by making a claim just on the edge of the deadline. So that they never get to your money.
you also cannot get penalized for the same crime more than once.
In a normal country-if you dont pay for the service, you are denied the service - they could have called the cops, take you out of the train -its summer time after all- you'd be just fine sobering up outside...
but no - they chose to violate your rights to go thru your pockets and issue you a ticket with your details on it – (I assume that’s why you’re sweating it).

in these countries, full of racist bass tards who couldnt tell a difference between a muslim, latino or an african; they would punish you for parking at lidl for hour and a half, even if you dont disturb anyone. But vandalism and scandalism during Distortion goes unnoticed..

so, if adults don't treat you like one- with respect - i say que se vayan pal cangrejo asere, no pueden hacer na.
if you dont intend to come back to sweden - ignore it completely. Besides - use blablacar, train with a ticket or a bus such as neptun bus and forget about airport problems - fare tickets have nothing to do with your passport or border guards.

Jun 05, 2016
Too Drunk to Remember?
by: Charlie

Not sure how you want me to help you. I can not pay your tickets or guarantee that you won't be stopped at the airport. Getting so drunk that you do that remember what happened is not an excuse and maybe it is time to reevaluate what being an adult is all about. Take some responsibility for your actions. Sorry but I can not help nor do I wish to be part of your story - good luck getting back to Chile safely.

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