by Zeni

Is that true what is written in the updates?

They really DO NOT track people down who live outside Denmark? And DO NOT pursue legally? Can they go to any court? I live in EU country.
I' ve been tourist for 3 days in Copenhagen and on the way to the airport ( first time using public transport) I had just 2 zones ticket instead of 3 zones.
Can it have any kickback if I wont pay?

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Nov 20, 2016
by: Anonymous

Did they come after you?

Aug 07, 2016
by: Anonymous

Well, you are right.
I know it was a mistake but it happened all unawares.

Anyway, yes I did give my passport after they asked twice (I tried to understand why I got penalty) and one seemed who forced it. I just mean the other might let me go. He was helpful, said I can complain within 14 days, even told me to take photo about zone map what I misunderstood.
Although at the end I asked what can happen if I won't pay...and he said he doesn't know; it seemed he would rather not to tell.

So they do know my name and ID no.

Was really good to find where I could share my story. I just hoped I can hear other experiences.


Again I can only reiterate what I said before, but there is a lot of confusion on zones. An example from my own life happened today.

My wife takes the train from home to work and has a period pass for 8 zones, yet when she travels using the rejsekort (which we both hate)it registers as only 7 zones. No one can explain why traveling with a pass requires 8 zones and the rejsekort registers only 7 zones. Same train, same route, same time each day but there is that discrepancy and even the fees change from day to day. Again same travel time but fees are never consistant - the Danish travel is system is very flawed and confusing especially for tourists and new expats and even for many Danes.

Me - I would not pay the fine if I got the fine and had left the country and would fight the charge is anything did come up. I stood up against an insurance company and a collection agency hired by them - I won through pure stubbornness - they realized I was not worth the fight. But that is me and may not work for everyone.

Aug 06, 2016
To pay or not pay a ticket fine.
by: Charlie


There is no guarantee that they can not track you down, but my sources have told me that they rarely go outside of Denmark to track someone down for a fare ticket. If you plan on coming back to Denmark and they have your information, you might have to pay the fine and any late fees associated with non payment.

How much information did you give the ticket taker? Passpost information, home address? etc.

Do they have enough information to find you at home?

I can not tell you what to do, just pass on what I know of how the system works from people who have been part of the system. Nothing is set in stone, so you have to make up your own mind. Did you really make a mistake. Was it an honest mistake.

I recently stood up to an insurance company who threatened me with going to court, sent me bills for an accident that was not my fault and the other driver even admitted it was his fault. Had collection agencies after me and after standing up for my rights - they backed off. Have not heard from them for 8 months. Sometimes you just have to do what you think is right and stand firm.

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