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How are you Charlie? I hope the fate is treating you well.We are planing on going to Denmark in mid of December, but a question came into my mind as usual I `m going to take your time up. We were told, the new year holiday will start from December 25th until January 7th and all business, state or private, will be closed down.In your opinion, coming in that time to Denmark is a logical decision? and if I come, would be able to find a home ? and the property agencies will be at work in the abovementioned time?. Your answer will greatly be appreciative.

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It is true that all the government offices are closed for the christmas holidays, which will really only be December 26th, since the holidays fall on Saturday and Sunday. Many businesses do close down the week between Christmas and New Year, but realtors will be open and doing business.

You may wish to contact the agencies you are planning on dealing with and asking them if their offices are open. It is totally optional and can not tell for sure if a company will be open or not. The kommune offices will be open.

When checking a business website search for "åbningstider", which are opening hours and the document will usually show you their hours and holidays.

You can expect that most government offices will either be closed or have limited staff and opening hours during the week between XMAS and New Years. So the decision is yours, but I would probably wait til after the holidays to move. We did our initial move in January, since we preferred not to compete with the hectic holiday season. Hope that helps

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