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Below are two Danish commercials being run by TDC back in 2013 and 2014, the major Danish telephone company, which most people find objectionable and even the TDC people have found offensive. The characters are quite unappealing and unattractive and the dialogue is even worse, but they keep running them and putting out new ones. You decide if you want to laugh or vomit!

I have yet to meet anyone who thought these Danish commercials where funny or appealing, but there are a few forums where people say they enjoy them. Though the vast majority of the comments are not positive.

Now here is another Danish commercial from Tuborg, which I have not seen in a while, but is definetly clever and funny. Some women do find it offensive, but it does have a ring of truth to it and works but ways. Could be a woman drinking the beer and eyeing the man.

The one above is a bit grainy, but great use of innuenendo. Still funny after all these years.

The most humourous Danish commercials are unfortunately not on TV, but shown at the theaters. When you go to the movies, there are usually about 10 - 15 minutes of commericals before the film starts.  There you will see some actually amusing Danish commercials. Why they do not show them on TV is beyond me?

If you would like to see the Danish Tourism Video, which caused such an uproar in Denmark, you can click on the link below. Unfortunately, there is a lot of talking before and after the video. Actual Danish video starts at the 25 second mark.

This is a very funny Danish advert to get more Danes to go out and travel with a famous travel company in Denmark. Some will find it offensive since it deals with sex.

Now the one below is a lot funnier if you understand what the announcer is saying at the very end.  "He says that life in Africa is dangerous if you can get see well. Donate your used glasses to a charity that sends glasses to Africa" (text is translated on page, but some people did not notice it)

 Danish commercials are usually banned because they deal with sex and this is no exception, but still pretty funny.  Ad is for an internet provider.

Childish Disdainful Danish Commercials

It seems that there are more and more annoying, childish and offensive Danish commercials on television nowadays. It seems like the Danish advertising agencies think that idiotic personalities with bad teeth will make you buy from them.  Not the quality of "Madmen" that is for sure.

Waoo has an irritating ad with 1 guy playing 3 characters that are each dumber than the other and after watching them you do NOT want to do business with the company. No thank you, I prefer a company with a bit of respectability. Even if their product is very good, I prefer to take my business elsewhere.

Punkt an appliance company has another guy who switches between an annoying male voice to a screeching female voice. Schizo personality or just plain stupid. Stupid without a doubt and again another company I will avoid doing business with. Unfortunately the ad does not reflect the quality of the store and its products. Punkt has a good reputation.

L'easy, an appliance store who prides themselves on rent to own deals, uses a couple where the man yells at his wife for his idiotic behavior, blames her for his mistakes and treats her like a slave. With that kind of mentality, who would want to patronize their business. Again- not me.  Gives a clear message that people should treat their spouses in such a fashion. What? ... are we living in the 50s again!

There are lots more great commercials in Denmark and just as many bad ones. If you have one you want added here, let me know and will include it. (maybe)

It is not that I do not have a sense of humor, but these commercials are so over the top STUPID, that you have to be an idiot to give your business to them. There are better places to shop. When will Denmark TV start putting some decent commercials together. My god, I could create better copy than these people. You would think that these commercials are made by children, but that would be insulting to say children could come up with something this bad.

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