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by Anil jain

Hi. First of all thnx so much for a great site. Ur website is so usefull and informative. About me- i am an Indian citizen. Age-24 yrs. A doctor/medical graduate from Russia. I want to live and work in Denmark. For that i need Danish authorisation and for that i need to learn danish language with dansk 3 level. I m much worried abt it. Plz help me. Right now i am at home in India and want to start learning danish by myself thru internet. Can u help me with this? So that i will nt hv much problem whn i'll come to dk. Plz help!!!! Thnx so much in advance. My e-mail.

Hi Anil,

Go to the language section of thesite and there are links to many online courses - some free- others cost a little. They can get you started, but you will never learn the language completely until you are immersed in it. But if you are a doctor, you may not need the language as much, since you have a desired career. I would contact the immigration department and see what is required in your circumstances.


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Sep 19, 2012
Thnx a lot
by: Anil Jain

Thanx a lot for ur help and early reply. I appreciate ur work. :))

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