Free healthcare

by Zoi
(Copenhagen )


I would like to add a comment regarding the "free health care". Please note that in Denmark free healthcare does not exist. We pay the doctors and the medical care through our taxes in our salary.

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Jun 08, 2019

by: Charlie

I believe that is explained in the post about healthcare. All the social benefits in Denmark are paid by the citizens through taxes. The downside of higher taxes is rewarded by having social programs that benefit all citizens including free healthcare, schooling, good retirement packages and much more. I never complain about having to pay a 38% tax rate, especially when I compare them to the benefits that those taxes pay for. My friends and family in America constantly complain about the high cost of health insurance and other costs that we Danes do not have to worry about. There is a great reduction of stress when you do not have to worry about the cost of going to a doctor or being hospitalize. I know many Americans who get bills of $10,000+ for a short hospital stay. My friend was in hospital in Denmark for 2 weeks including all sorts of scans and procedures. Her cost was nothing. She paid her income taxes and was covered.

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